Beat the Heat with these Summer Snacks

The heat of summer is here & the best way to beat the heat is to have some healthy & cool snacks. Time has come when you let go of fatty foods & greasy gravies, better switch to light meals and seasonal veggies. You will be surprised how easily your diet choices can help you stay refreshed throughout this summer season and there is no way a summer meal has to be boring? There are many worries.

                             Summer Snacks – Frozen Grapes

Just keep a bag of purple grapes in your deep freezer to have a healthy & refreshing treat in this hot summer. In addition to being a low-calorie snack, frozen grapes provide vitamin K, copper & antioxidants.

                                                          Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Use yoghurt & some fresh fruits of the season like papaya, grape juice, oranges, strawberries & ice in a blender. Voila, a super tasty, chilled & healthy smoothie is ready.


End your quest for thirst with ice-tea, another low-calorie summer beverage. While you can order it at any local coffee shop, it’s also easy to make at home. To add an extra pinch of flavour, you can add some nutrition-packed spices like turmeric, cinnamon ginger & cardamom.


We’ll know it’s the classic summer fruit equipped with amazing health benefits. Not only its low-calorie, it’s also a good source of lycopene, a chemical pigment that may help guard against certain kinds of cancer & thanks to its high water content, those juicy slices have the power to prevent bloating & keeps your body hydrated on hot days.


                                                    Frozen Orange

This summer all you need are oranges & its pulpy juice. Cut tops off oranges & remove the insides. Place insides with orange juice into the blender & pour mixture into empty orange shells & freeze it. A refreshing snack is ready that adds fluid to your body which helps to meet hydration needs.


                                                   Iced Cappuccino

There are some coffee beverages can end up being worse for you than a candy bar, it’s very much possible to enjoy a cool drink without downing calories. So, next time when you visit a  local café, ask them for an iced cappuccino made with skim milk. This drink will set you back about 90 calories & addition to this it also contains bone-building calcium & 5 grams of filling protein, now how about that?

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