The Grand Venice Mall

Age Group : 3+

Price : Rs.990/-

Time Limit : 10-15 Mins

Combos Snacks, invented in the mid-1970s, are a snack food distributed byMars, Incorporated, and sold throughout North America The product was originally created by the

In mid-June 2016, some varieties of Combos were affected by an undeclared nut-related recall.

Combos are produced by forming a soft bread-like dough, which is hollowed out into a tube-shaped form. A cutter slices the dough into bite-sized lengths. The snacks are then baked, cooled, and filled with the appropriate filling.

Package Details

Age Limit : 3+
Boating Inside Mall
Couple Booking Also
Time Limit : 10-15 Mins
Price : Rs.990/-