Experience the Venetian Gondola Ride in Delhi-NCR

A gondola ride is an enchanting way to explore more about The Grand Venice Mall and experience its unique infrastructure. The Venetian Gondola Ride in Delhi-NCR is as unique as Grand Venice Mall itself, as you glide silently along these inviting waterways, dominated by soaring and majestic Venetian theme, you’ll be transported to Venice City where the main means of transportation for Venetian nobility are these vessels.

Gem of Mall

Gondola Ride is one of the attraction at The Grand Venice Mall of Delhi/NCR & if you are visiting with your loved one then it’s something you got to try it. The ride starts slowly as it floats down the Canals, giving you the chance to admire the intricate details of the mall. You will adore the magical & romantic moment with your partner accompanied with the soft melodies of the gondolier which contributes even more to the romantic atmosphere.

Romance is in the air

Are you looking for that perfect romantic experience? Venetian Gondola Ride in Delhi-NCR offers a romantic experience for everybody who is looking for an evening or day to remember whether it’s only for a date or to celebrate an anniversary take your loved one for this romantic ride & bask in the beauty of your partner at the same time.

Gondolier floats dream into reality

The melody of gondolier is so pleasing to hear that you will be mesmerized after hearing it. This heart-wrenching melody will channel an incredible feeling of joy & romance.

Book your gateway to the magical realm

Book your Gondola Ride tickets online in advance for a hassle and haggle free experience especially if you are planning to take a ride on weekend. It’s a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed



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