Launch of India’s First In-Mall ZipLine at Delhi/NCR

The Grand Venice Mall has decided to take your shopping experience to the next level and to emerge as the next mega tourism destination in Greater Noida. After 6 months of grinding, we’re proud to present to you what is India’s first in-mall Zip Line, launched on last Friday, 25th May of 2018 at the Grand Venice Mall. The ZipLine ride has been christened with the name Zip Mastiii as it makes an exciting new addition to the already fun-filled Mastiii Zone at the mall. A total of fifteen prominent personalities from different walks of life were invited to try out the adventurous ride and asked to spread the word about Zip Mastiii on various social media platforms. Besides the fifteen prominent personalities – our very Mr. Satinder Bhasin – Founder and Promoter of The Grand Venice Mall too couldn’t resist his ardent desire to fly.


The thrilling 10-minute ride which is 80 feet high and 250 meters long can be taken by five people at the same time. To ensure your safety, The Grand Venice team has decided to go as far as installing a safety net as an added measure. Zip Mastiii, like any other conventional zipline, uses the force of the gravity to get you moving down a slope. After you’re strapped in tightly and holding on, a pulley attached to the rope pulls you along as you enjoy the gorgeous view of the surrounding vista.

With the addition of Zip Mastiii, The Grand Venice is now the ultimate family shopping destination in all of Delhi NCR answering all your family fun, shopping and adventure needs. If you crave adventure then visit The Grand Venice Mall in Greater Noida and must try the Zip Mastiii.

For advance bookings call at 88660 666 666.

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