The booking shall be deemed to be cancelled in the following circumstances:-

The booking is valid only for the specified activity done. The booking shall become
valueless and non refundable if not used on the date specified on its face.
If, in the opinion of a representative of the Grand Venice, the user is in breach of
these Online Booking Terms or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or that it
is necessary for the safety or comfort or security of other customers or for the
protection of property, the representative reserves the right to refuse the entry or
request the Customer to leave the multiplex and may if necessary physically
remove the Customer from the multiplex or physically restrain the Customer.
The customer does not have any option to cancel the ticket once booked online on, Grand Venice mobile App, or
BookMyShow App.



Grand Venice will do everything possible to ensure the activity and operating times of the mall
are true to the advertisements. However due to circumstances beyond Grand Venice control
there may be times that a activity has to be cancelled or given at a different time. In this instance
the user may be given a refund of the ticket only. The mode of refund shall be at the sole
discretion of Grand Venice. If any activity is cancelled or cancellation is done from the
management of Grand Venice then the formalities for the same will be taken in to consideration.
The user agrees not to bring in any action against Grand Venice in such instance.
The user who has booked for a activity strict to age criteria must provide Grand Venice with the
relevant proof of entitlement when the tickets are being collected.
The Company reserves its rights to suspend any activity due to some exigencies and any offer,
scheme, promotions shall not be valid/ applicable in respect of such activity. The Company shall
not be liable for any losses/ damages arising \ connected with such suspension. This clause shall
also be applicable and binding on all Company's agents, partners and agents, partners of its
affiliate/ group companies.



The user represents that he/she is of sufficient legal age to use this service, and he/she possess
the legal right and ability to create binding obligations for any liability he/she may incur as a
result of the use of this service.
The user understands that he/she is financially responsible for all uses of this service by him/her
and those using his/her login information. The user will supervise all usage of the booking facility
under his/her name or account.
The user warrants that all information supplied by him/her and members of his/her household in
using the booking facility are true and accurate.

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