Upcoming Brands at the Grand Venice Mall

The Grand Venice Mall is on a quest to get some of the world’s most beloved brands under one roof. Already have some of the most prominent brands such as Levis, Lee Wrangler, Puma, Lifestyle, Skechers, FBB, Biba and Big Bazaar among others. The Grand Venice Mall is pleased to announce that the following upcoming brands would be joining its vast array of offerings

W for Women

Putting you a step ahead of the fashion curve is W for Women. Born in 2001, the brand is the only one in the Indian retail space to offer “Indian contemporary” wear. The brand has introduced the concept of ‘Mix n Match’ in retail; the designers are inspired by the fashion trends & west fashion, transforming it into the triumph of fashion & trend acceptable to Indian women. This much-awaited store is expected to open in the last week of May.


Haldiram’s might have begun as a tiny shop in Bikaner, but now it happens to be a global phenomenon. What started as a shop famous for its sweets and savouries is now synonymous with taste, hygiene, and innovation in the F&B industry. All your chaat craving are set to be satisfied when Haldiram’s opens at Grand Venice in the month of June.


Bata is India’s favorite footwear brand, evidenced by the fact that it is India’s leading manufacturer of footwear and also the largest retailer in the category. Bata’s advance & stylish looking new stores supported by a vast array of better quality products with the aim to offer an exquisite shopping experience to its customers; it is spread all across the nation with 1200 stores, the reach that no other footwear brand can match. The footwear brand is expected to open its store in the mall soon.


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